Various cooking recipes I've amassed and used, shared here for your enjoyment.

I forgot where most of them originally came from (though I'll note when I remember), but I've used all of them.

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Non-desserts (?)

Garlic bread, forgot where I found this one but damn it delicious.


Chocolate brownie, mom's recipe for a chocolate cake.

Nutella brownie, my favorite chocolate cake out of here.

Microwave mug nutella brownie, chocolate cake with loose measurements cooked in a microwave, my go-to when I'm tired and out of desserts.

Salame di cioccolato, ovenless cold chocolate cake, very easy to make but needs about a night in the fridge.

Sbriciolata, crumbly cake you can fill with whatever jam you want.

Banana cake, cake with banana, from a friend of mom.

Very small recipes

Things that I consider too small for a full page because they can be described in like one sentence.

Vinegar salad sauce. I have no clue how many people this can sauce salad for, but for me who loves their salad saucy it's more than enough.
1 tablespoon mustard, 1 tablespoon balsamic vinegar, 3 tablespoons olive oil. Mix until it's more or less uniform.

Philadelphia salad sauce (also works with pasta). Half quantity is not enough to sauce salad for me, and the ones written here is like barely enough. I'm worried going x1.5 would be too much for one person though.
2 tablespoon philadelphia cream cheese (roughly 100g), 2 teaspoons milk, salt, pepper, about 6 drops of tobasco sauce. Mix until it's a uniform cream.

"Mollet" egg (wikipedia says "soft boiled egg" can be inaccurate), got this one from a friend:
Boil water in a pan, then low heat and add the eggs. 6 minutes cooking, get the eggs out and cool them with cold water, then peel them and eat them. Great with instant noodles.

Hard-boiled egg, got this one from my mom:
Eggs in water in a pan, boil the water, then low heat cook 12 minutes. Get the eggs out and let them cool off, then peel them and eat them. Great for salads.

Guacamole with the Old El Paso guacamole seasoning bag I find in grocery stores, got this one from same friend as the "mollet" eggs:
2 ripe avocados (remove skin and seed), 1 of those bags, 1 tablespoon olive oil, lemon juice (amount up to preference, more for more acid).
Just mix everything together in like a big bowl. My sister has a more involved recipe without the seasoning bag but I don't have it at hand.

Cola Vanilla Float. Take a big glass, fill it 1/3~1/2 of the way with scoops of vanilla ice cream, fill the rest with coca cola (and/or pepsi), clear/eat some of the weird foam it makes to fill it more.
Drink slowly with a straw, letting the ice cream dissolve.

External recipes

Recipes from other websites that I've tried and liked, but I have the original so just gonna link them.

Norwegian butter squares, like very buttery sabl├ęs, they're nice and heavy. My fan-assited oven took about 19 minutes to cook them.

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