Salame di cioccolato

Ovenless cold chocolate cake I discovered at an italian collegue's "pot de th├Ęse" (the part where you eat food right after a phd defense, couldn't find an english translation).

Could call it a chocolate salami, or a saucisson au chocolat in french.

This is a recipe that could use pictures, so I'll have to remember to take some next time I make one.

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  1. In the pan, put chocolate and butter.
  2. Put the pan on very low heat and stir regularly until it's 100% completely and fully melted and mixed up.
  3. Pour the melted chocolate + butter in the bowl.
  4. Add the sugar and egg, fully mix.
  5. Crush the petit-beurres into small chunks and mix them in.
  6. Put the baking paper on a flat surface.
  7. Pour mixture in a straight line on the baking paper (illustration pending).
  8. Roll up the baking paper around the mixture to fully wrap it (illustration pending).
  9. Twist both ends to close them off.
  10. Put it in the fridge for 2~7h (whole night is enough but a bit long, original recipe said 2h but it wasn't perfect).
  11. Remove from fridge and unwrap the baking paper (if you used aluminium foil, it's gonna be harder to remove).
  12. Cover with powdered sugar.

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