Hextraction is a 3d-printable board game designed by Zack Freedman. Official website and official presentation video.

The game is played on an angled hexagonal grid board, with ramps at the top and little basket at the bottom.
During your turn, you place a tile and roll a 10mm steel ball down one of the ramps (in the order you want). You win if you manage to get a ball in one of the end zones.
You have a hand of 3 tiles at all times, and draw back to hand size at the end of your turn from a shared pool of tiles.

I like it, is fun. Played it a few times with friends and hope to play more.

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Tiles page (lots of images!), mostly for me to catalog the many community-created tiles I've tried or want to try and give them like a little review.

Decks page, to catalog tile pools I've seen or tried, to help decide how to make it when playing.

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