This is an original trick-taking game, to be played with the astromancy deck. This game was never playtested, take it with a good dose of salt (especially the scoring).

The name is latin and supposedly means "prophet", because you need to predict that certain things will happen to get your predictions confirmed.

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You need one astromancy deck and 2 to 4 players.


The goal is to score the most points by winning tricks and mostly getting your predictions fulfilled.


With 2 or 3 players, each player is dealt 16 cards and puts 4 cards face down in front of them as their predictions. The undealt cards are set aside.
With 4 players, each is dealt 12 cards and puts down 3 predictions.


A player is arbitrarily chosen to lead the first trick. To play a trick, the leader plays a card from their hand face up on the table. Each other player in clockwise order then places a card.
Once all cards are played, the winner is determined, and each player may turn one of their face-down predictions face up if its conditions are fulfilled, scoring the points for it.
Then the winner takes all cards played next to them (to keep track of how many tricks they've won) and leads the next trick.

Once all hands are empty (after the 12th trick for 2 or 3 player and 9th for 4 players), the game ends and players compare their scores.
You can either decide whoever has the most points won, or accumulate scores and play more until someone reaches a target score.

Winning tricks

A card must match the leading card's element to win a trick, except if it's a number. The card that wins the trick is the one that ranks the highest on the following list:

If the highest cards of the leading card's element are tied (and there are no numbers), then the card with the highest modality according to Cardinal > Mutable > Fixed wins.
If it's still tied, then the card that was played the earliest among them wins.


The prediction a card represents depends only on its element and modality. Reminder: there is exactly one suit for each element/modality pair.

The element determines the condition that the trick must meet for this prediction to be revealed:

The modality further restricts when you can reveal the prediction, but also affects how much points it grants when revealed:


Each player scores 1 point for each trick they've won and 2/4/6 points per successful prediction (for mutable/fixed/cardinal).

Highest score with 2/3 players is 36 by winning every trick (12) and getting 4 cardinal predictions right (24).
Highest score with 4 players is 27 by winning every trick (9) and getting 3 cardinal predictions right (18).

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