This is a simple original game inspired by the Pig dice game and Blackjack (Pagat link). I have never actually played it, but at least the rules are somewhat complete. Take them with a grain of salt.

The name is a pun of compressing "Fantasy pIG".

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You need one "fantasy deck" and any number of players. You may need multiple decks if you have too many players, but I haven't really tested it.
They can also probably be tweaked to use a real-life card deck.


The goal is to reach 100 points (or any other agreed-upon number).


The deck is simply shuffled and placed face down on the table. The discard pile is next to the deck and starts empty.


A player starts their turn by flipping the top card of the deck and putting it on the middle of the table. Then, they may either:

Number cards are worth their face value in points, Flowers and Dragons are worth 12 points. Blanks are worth 0 points but have a special role.

If a player hits and the total value of all cards revealed this turn exceeds 25, then the player busts. All cards revealed this turn are discarded, the player scores no point, and the turn passes to the next player.


If a Blank is revealed, it is worth no point and instead protects the player from busting this turn.
If a player with at least one Blank hits and the revealed card would make them bust, then instead one Blank and the revealed card are discarded. The player may then keep hitting or stand.

Blanks only work for the turn they are revealed, and if the player stands with one or more Blanks revealed, then they are discarded instead of being added to the player's score.


When a player reaches 100 points the game ends.

If the deck becomes empty before this happen, then whoever has the most points win.

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