This is an original trick-taking game, to be played with the astromancy deck. This game was never playtested, take it with a good dose of salt (especially the scoring).

The name is latin and supposedly means "related to the year", because you play through a whole "year".

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You need one astromancy deck and 2 players.


The goal is to score throughout each of the 4 seasons by winning tricks (or specific cards through the tricks).


On the first deal (Spring), each player is dealt a hand of 9 cards, with the rest set aside for later seasons.
Each player puts 3 cards from their hand face down next to them into their "stash" and plays the season with the remaining 6 cards.

On the second and third deal (Summer and Autumn), each player is dealt 6 cards from the undealt cards and picks up their stash. They then puts 3 cards in their stash and play with the remaining 6 cards.

On the fourth and last deal (Winter), each player is dealt 3 cards, finishing the deck, and plays with them and their stash.


The game is split into 4 seasons, in order: Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter. Each acts a separate round with different scoring.

Each season is made of 6 tricks. A player is arbitrarily chosen to lead the first trick of Spring.
The first trick of the remaining seasons are led by whoever scored the most points in the preceding season (if tied then whoever won the last trick).

To play a trick, the leader plays a card from their hand face up on the table, and the other player plays one of their card. Whoever wins the trick collects both cards in front of them and leads the next trick.

Once both players' hands are empty after the 6th tricks, players score their points and move on to the next season. Whoever has the most points after all 4 seaons wins.

Winning tricks

Each season appearing on the suits are ranked depending on the current game season: same as game > same temperature > same major/minor > remaining.
You can see it on the following table, with the bold season being the current game one and the highest-ranking.

Spring Summer Autumn Winter
Summer Spring Winter Autumn
Autumn Winter Spring Summer
Winter Autumn Summer Spring

The card that wins the trick is the one that ranks the highest on the following list:

If cards are tied, then the trick leader wins. For example: during Summer, Leo scrap beats Libra ribbon, Taurus bull beats Gemini ribbon, and Libra ribbon vs Scorpio ribbon is a tie.
During Autumn or Winter, Libra ribbon would beat Leo scrap.


The scoring depends on the current season.

In Spring, you get 2 points per trick won (or 1 per card collected).

In Summer, you get 1 point per ribbon you collected, 2 per animal, and 4 per number.

In Autumn, you get 2 points per scrap collected.

In Winter, you get 4 points for each trick your opponent has won more than you. (0 for 3-3, 8 if you go down 2-4, 16 for 1-5, and 24 for 0-6)

Highest score is 96 for winning every trick in Spring (12), having all 6 numbers and 6/7 animals in play for Summer and winning everything (36),
having 12 scraps in play for Autumn and winning everything (24), and loosing every trick in Winter (24).

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